Below are a selection of clients who have shared their experiences: 

"NLP has helped me to learn and develop repeatable techniques to overcome anxiety, focus on positive outcomes and define & achieve challenging goals.  
There is no doubt in my mind that has been the key to my continued recovery from Chronic Fatigue.  
Sam’s coaching throughout this process has been the right mix of empathy, encouragement and challenge, such that once I started the NLP, I never doubted that I would get better." 
Mr E, Cirencester 
"I've always really struggled with resisting all things sweet - cakes, chocolate and biscuits in particular.  
After just one session with Sam my ability to resist sweet treats increased dramatically, and after 10 weeks I was almost completely sugar free with very little effort.  
NLP was new to me, but Sam took me through the various techniques, explaining what to expect as she went along, with her lovely gentle manner.  
I'm now looking forward to working with her to deal with my long-held phobia of putting my head underwater next!" 
Mrs G, Cirencester 
"I would firstly like to thank you for such a transformational experience. I am feeling stronger, more confident and now feeling more free. 
You have guided me through some amazing techniques. The anchors you have set are working a treat!! 
You are such a lovely lady, I feel completely comfortable with you, which is very important to me.  
You are also very understanding of my situation. 
My best bit... There is no such thing as failure, only feedback!!" 
Ms M, Swindon 
"I contacted Sam for help with breaking some bad eating habits to assist with my weight loss and help with motivation to exercise more.  
I was a little apprehensive about attending my session, but Sam soon put me at ease with her calming manner and I enjoyed the experience.  
Several weeks on from my session, I have lost over 14 pounds in weight! 
I now exercise much more frequently than I ever have and my general health and fitness has improved significantly.  
I would highly recommend Sam to anyone considering NLP." 
Mr J, Welwyn Garden City 
"Sam has been working with me for 4 months and has really made a difference to me. I have now returned to work with the support of the strategies that she used on me.  
Sam is an extremely caring person and has been considerate when my illness has made me feel under the weather by adjusting the treatments in the session. She is thoughtful and when I have faced a challenge she has remembered and messaged me good luck and shared some more tips to help as well as giving me reminders.  
Sam is kind, trustworthy and reliable and I have enjoyed working with her." 
Mrs B, Cheltenham 
"I had a lovely first session with Sam. 
She is very reassuring and makes you feel completely comfortable.  
I felt a lot more energised and could see a difference during and after the session. 
I also gained some useful techniques which I will carry on using." 
Miss E, Swindon 
"This was my first time in an 'Empowerment Group' like this, so it was a big step out of my comfort zone to come along as I wasn’t really sure what to expect! 
However, I needn't have worried! 
I found that it is a great way to channel positivity and support, whilst making new friends and having lots of giggles (as well as some tears) in a very safe and friendly space." 
Mrs E, Cirencester 
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