Reiki means universal life energy and is a Japanese form of holistic healing. The Reiki therapist channels energy through their hands to the client and it activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 
The healing: 
releases blocked energy paths 
cleanses the body of toxins 
creates a state of balance 
It can help with emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues / balance / growth. 

See below for some lovely testimonials from clients who have benefitted from this treatment: 

"Had an amazing Reiki treatment from Sam and it was amazing! She had a very calming nature which allowed me to totally relax and enjoy the treatment. 
I feel it was totally relaxed me for the remainder of my day and has really benefitted me as I am a very stressful person and struggle to relax on a daily basis. 
I actually nearly fell asleep earlier following the treatment, which is totally unheard of for me! 
I feel much better in myself following this treatment and would recommend to others." 
Mrs J, Cirencester 
"Sam’s reiki was very relaxing and I could feel the changes in energy, especially over areas where I have health issues. 
Sam’s introduction to the session explained the therapy and afterwards we were able to discuss the treatment and any possible effects that I may experience.  
A great experience. Thank you Sam!" 
Mrs P, Stroud 
"Wow, what a fantastic session! Sam came to me to do Reiki, which was both relaxing and intriguing.  
By simple touch, Sam understood areas of my body that were experiencing more clarity than ever on how to navigate quite a difficult emotional path. I feel lighter and focused, I have strength.  
Sam’s additional expertise in NLP and intuitive therapies means she is a well rounded and skilled practitioner which shines through in her treatments.  
I would highly recommend Unique Coaching." 
Mrs W, Chippenham 
"Sam is an intuitive healer with considerable insight and compassion. 
She brings to bear not only life experience and her own profound journey from illness to wellness, but a broad range of tools that combine to give her a deep sense of competence and wisdom." 
Mr M, Stroud 
"I’ve recently had a Distance Reiki session with Sam.  
She explained the process and it was wonderful to sit and relax during the process.  
I felt very calm after the treatment. Thank you." 
Mrs P, Essex 
"Sam put me at ease and I felt really relaxed after my Distance Reiki session with her." 
Miss P, Essex 
"Just for today, I will let go anger. Just for today, I will let go of worry. Today, I will count my blessings. Today, I will work honestly. Today, I will be kind to every living creature." 
- Mikao Usui 
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