13 years ago, I was a healthy, active woman, working as a teacher and a make-up artist. I also performed in shows, as a singer and dancer. Then I fell pregnant and, whilst being the happiest person alive at the thought of becoming a mum, I started feeling fatigued all the time, being dizzy lots of the time, being in pain all the time and having insomnia to name but a few ailments!  
Doctors told me it was normal to feel extra tired with a new born baby!! 
However, after three years I finally got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 
As the years went on, I found I had to start dropping out of being in shows, I could push through and still do things, but I would then crash for a few days to a week and so the cycle went on. Despite having my son being my trigger, I then had another baby! I continued to struggle through life and pushing myself to do so much that people assumed I was fine. And as what I had was an 'invisible' illness, I looked fine! 
I gave up on GPs and tried all sorts of alternative therapies. Nothing really seemed to help. In fact, one GP told me that I would 'always' have Fibromyalgia, so I just carried on pushing and then getting worse, as I still wanted to be able to live my life to the full, despite having limitations. 
After having the conditions for 9 years, I had an operation which raised my Fibromyalgia and CFS to extreme levels. I could barely walk for ten minutes with sticks before getting too exhausted to carry on. I was desperate. I was on the verge of registering disabled, as I wanted to be able to be there for my children and be a proper mum. I found a body mind course online, which was based on NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and my aim was to get back to how I had been before the operation. I was sure that I could push through, even though the GP had told me I would always have Fibromyalgia! 
On the 4-day course, in February 2016, I improved greatly, learnt lots of techniques. I could push through again, but I found it hard to stay in the present moment and I still lived in my head. However, I gradually started getting worse again. I knew NLP was my answer, but I decided I just needed a different kind of course. A year after that first course, I knew I had to try again. I had to become totally positive and believe I could do go all the way. 
I attended a further 2-day NLP life skills course and that kickstarted my recovery again! I still had Fibromyalgia and CFS, but I gained more techniques and shattered more limiting beliefs and I started going to Zumba again! Yes it wiped me out and I could only do it with 30% of effort, but I could actually do it again! My belief that I could fight this had come back. 
"Finally,I learnt how to get out of my head and into my body!" 
I had already decided that if I recovered, I would become an NLP Practitioner. I hadn't recovered, but I knew that I would recover if I trained as a Practitioner. Fate stepped in. I couldn't attend the course I was planning to attend for personal reasons. But then I found a course that was what's called '3rd generation' NLP and was linked with something called 'Somatic Repatterning'.  
Finally, I learnt how to get out of my head and into my body! I finally knew how to live in the present moment! 
Over the next 3 months I improved greatly and I metaphorically threw chronic illness out of the window on my last day of the course! I had finally recovered from Fibromyalgia and CFS!!! I had shattered many limiting beliefs. I was positive, calm, confident. The living in my head had stopped. 
I now had a choice! I now choose to be happy, healthy, and live life to the full. Oh, and as well as Zumba, which I engage in 100% and still feel fine afterwards, I also now do 2 hours of 5 rhythms dancing once a week, pilates and walking! 


NLP Life Skills 
Phil Parker - April 2017 
NLP Practitioner Course 
Ben Grassby- September-November 2017 
NLP Practice Day 
Ben Grassby - 7th December 2017 
Experience of 121 coaching, empowerment group and assisted Ben Grassby on NLP Practitioner Course from April to July 2018. 
From September 2018, Sam ran Power Coaching Workshops with KS 2 children at a Wiltshire school to give them a toolbox of techniques to help them grow and thrive. 
Ran a half day Inset workshop for the teaching staff to help them overcome the stresses of teaching. 
Led a series of 'Recovering from Pain' workshops at a Wellbeing For Teachers conference in January 2019. 
NLP Master Practitioner - INLPTA 
16th December 2018 
Teacher Training and Experience 
University of Hertfordshire 1988-1992 
BEd (Hons) (2.1) Main subject: Language and Communication 
Minor subject: English Literature Primary specialism 3-9 years 
School-based teaching 
I have worked in a variety of schools as a class teacher and a support teacher, teaching classes from nursery to year 6. I have been music and arts coordinator in lots of schools and taught general subjects, as well as art and music throughout the school, in several schools.  
I have been a supply teacher since 2002 to date. Mainly based in three schools, but also through agencies. 
Museum-based teaching 
I am a casual Education Officer at Steam Museum and Lydiard House. I teach history topics of Victorians and WW2 to visiting children. 
I teach art and English to two home Ed students. 
SEN Club 
I teach music and drama at a monthly club for teenage children with autism and other specific needs. 


Enhanced DBS 
Certificate Number: 001623786931 
Safeguarding Foundations Qualified 
January 2019 
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